Spark Industrial Refrigerant Oil



  • Spark Freezol N 32
  • Spark Freezol N 46
  • Spark Freezol N 68
  • Spark Freezol N 100
  • Spark Freezol N 150
  • Spark Freezol N 220
  • Spark Freezol N 320

Packing Available

  • 10 Ltr.
  • 20 Ltr.
  • 50 Ltr.
  • 210 Ltr.

In mechanical refrigeration system, moving parts should be lubricated with oil for a long life and effective work.

The use of oils, which have a low pour point (temperature at which the oil begins to flow). This will avoid wax separation of the low temperature in the system. Wax could score refrigerant aperture control. Due to the low temperatures in which they work, food freezer and frozen food units need the oil with very low pour point and very low wax content.


  • Low on volatility
  • Superb degree of purity
  • Consistent molecular compositions

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