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Marine Or Oceanic Ships Have Different Engines Types With Specific Characteristics That Require Special Lubricants. Depending On Capacity And Purpose, Ships Are Provided With One Or Two Powerful Propulsion Engines, Three Or More Auxiliary Engines, Emergency Engines And Several Low Power Engines For Lifeboat. In Order To Formulate Adequate Lubricating Oils For Marine Engines Must Take Into Account The Fuels Quality With High Sulfur Content, The Special Working Conditions In Humid And Salt Environment And The Specific Operating Conditions At Constant Load And Speed.

For An Effective Operation Of A Marine Vessel,

Following Types Of Products Are Required In Ship

Slow-Speed Engine Cylinder Oils, Slow-Speed Engine System Oils, Medium-Speed Engine Oils, High-Speed Diesel Engine Oils, Turbine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils, Air Compressor Oils, Refrigerating Compressor Oils, Gas Compressor Oils, Open Gear Lubricant, Greases, Cooling Water Treatment.

Our Products

  • Spark Marine 20 W 40
  • Spark Marine 15 W 40
  • Spark Marine 15 W 50
  • Spark Marine 2T
  • Spark Marine Gear 90
  • Spark Marine Gear 80w 90
  • Spark Marine Gear 140
  • Spark Marine Gear 85 W 140
  • Spark Marine Hydraulic 32
  • Spark Marine Hydraulic 46
  • Spark Marine Hydraulic 68
  • Spark Marine Hydraulic 100
  • Spark Marine Hydraulic 150
  • Spark Marine Hydraulic 220
  • Spark Marine Hydraulic 320
  • Spark Marine Hydraulic 460
  • Spark Marine Hydraulic 680
  • Spark Marine Refrigeration Oil N68
  • Spark Marine Compressor Oil 150, Spark Marine Compressor Oil 220
  • Spark Marine AP-2 Grease, Spark Marine AP-3 Grease
  • Spark Marine Coolant ( High Concentration )

Specially formulated for use on roller bearings, anti-friction bearings, journals, and is particularly useful where a single, multi-purpose product is desirable. EP BEARING GREASE has a multitude of applications in industrial, automotive, mining, construction or anywhere an exceptionally high quality lubricant is required.

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