Spark Industrial Cutting Oil


Packing Available

  • 10 Ltr.
  • 20 Ltr.
  • 50 Ltr.
  • 210 Ltr.

Water Soluble Cutting Oils is specially compounded soluble cutting oil composed of a petroleum oil and a special emulsifier. It mixes readily with water.

Metal grinding and cutting operation generate heat. The purpose is to reduce heat generation and and increase it dissipation. Spark Cutting Oil is general purpose soluble oil containing a higher level of emulsifiers and forms very stable emulsion with water at high dilution. It provides excellent cooling, lubricity and rust protection for use in wide range of grinding and machine operation. When preparing emulsion always add oil to water.


  • Good for grinding and cutting
  • Nitrite and Phenol/cresol free
  • Extended sump life
  • Reduction of disposal cost
  • Good surface finish

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