Spark Industrial Spindle Oil


Packing Available

  • 50 Ltr.
  • 210 Ltr.

Spindle oils are a type of low-viscosity oils marketed for use in lubrication of high speed machine spindles. This oil has a average viscosity index and contains number of additives and has also a low percentage of aromatic hydrocarbons. Mainly spindle oils are used in Textile Processing and Textiles industry. Varieties of spindles include grinding spindles, electric spindles, machine tool spindles, low-speed spindles, high speed spindles, and more.


Excellent thermal and oxidation stability minimizes deposit formation and viscosity increase, for extended service life and reduced downtime. The high specific heat and thermal conductivity of this oil ensures faster heat dissipation, superior low-temperature fluidity ensures quick circulation at start-up and reduced risk of local overheating, while the non-toxicity of this oil provides for easy disposal of used oil, which is not corrosive to aluminum, steel, copper, brass or bronze. High-quality Spark thermo oil ensures greater efficiency.

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