Spark Industrial Slideway Oil


Packing Available

  • 50 Ltr.
  • 210 Ltr.

This oil is a machine tool lubricant specially designed for tableway lubrication, with emphasis on superior stick-slip properties , suitible also for hydraulic systems, gear boxes and spindles in most machine tools.

Slideway lubricating oils are used to lubricate machine tool slideways. Slideway oil should form an effective lubricating film almost instantaneously. Slideway oils for hydrodynamic slideways and linear guides should display low static and dynamic friction coefficients, good compatibility with neat cutting oils, good compatibility with cutting fluids (chemical compatibility with water-based cutting fluids), good demulsibility with emulsions, no slideway gumming, avoidance of stick-slip, excellent corrosion protection, compatibility with central lubrication equipment, good slideway adhesion, excellent wear-protection properties (EP extreme pressure and AW Anti-Wear performance), good compatibility with hydraulic oils and good compatibility with slideway materials, achieving optimum accuracy. The slideway lubricant oil film must eliminate stick-slip and combat wear. The most important characteristics of slideways are low friction, no stick-slip at low feed speeds and high pressures, good damping properties, low wear and good protection against seizures and scuffing.

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